City Permit Information for Scottsdale Neighborhoods

Scottsdale neighborhood permit legendClients often ask,  “What is being built on that vacant lot down the street?”. Many people do not know this information is readily available. The City of Scottsdale makes it easy to find out what is happening in your Scottsdale neighborhood and I am a huge Scottsdale fan after living in Scottsdale neighborhoods for 24 years.

Click on this map of Scottsdale and look for the search box in the upper right of the page.  

Find your neighborhood

You can enter an address, intersection, or a parcel number. If you can’t see the legend icons, zoom in more.  Click on the legend icons and the details will post to the right.  Available information includes:  

  • Building permits
  • Plan Reviews
  • Encroachment Permits
  • Public Hearings
  • Code Enforcement Complaints


This post was written by : Melissa O'Connell

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property tax grief

Property Tax Time Has Arrived

Good Grief is right! I received my property valuation notice this week for my Scottsdale property taxes. No one enjoys opening the mailbox to find a tax bill. Still… Arizona does have lower property tax rates than many other states.

Does Property Tax Valuation Indicate Your Home’s Value?

♦The Full Cash Value (FCV) purports to reflect the market value of your home, but that is not necessarily the case. Most often, I see that the FCV is quite a bit less than the market value.   One possible explanation is that if the FCV is too high, the number of appeals could increase. If you are unsure of the current market value of your home, enter your address below and I will give you a free, non-obligatory valuation based on recent sales.

You May Be Paying More Property Tax Than Required?

♦ Make sure your Scottsdale property has the correct assessment. Your home is either a primary residence, a residential rental or a non-primary residence. If your home is a primary residence but is assessed as one of the other options, you may be paying more property taxes than is required.

Do you Qualify for a Tax Break?

♦If you are a qualifying Senior, the Senior Valuation Protection will freeze the property valuation of your home ensuring that your property taxes will not rise in your retirement years. A qualifying Senior is age 65 or older with income that does not exceed $35,184 for a single household or $43,980 for a family household.

Do You Want To Appeal Your Tax?

♦If you want to appeal your property valuation, you may do so within 60 days of Notice Date. You may initiate the process online

This post was written by : Melissa O'Connell

Coming Soon.... New Home Searches for Scottsdale and Phoenix Metro