Investigating Crime in Scottsdale and Phoenix Metro Neighborhoods

Scottsdale Neighborhood Crime Maps

The city of Scottsdale provides a Community Crime Map by LexisNexis that allows one to enter the city or a specific address. As I browsed the map, I saw so many different types of crime, which was a bit confusing.

Fortunately, I have never had reason to understand the differences between theft, burglary, and robbery, but it got me wondering. According to Wikipedia the definitions are as follows:

  • Theft is taking something that doesn’t belong to you.
  • Burglary is an unlawful entry into a building with the purpose of committing an offence.
  • Robbery is taking or attempting to take property from a person by force or threat of force.

Another Crime Map Option

Another good neighborhood crime map is Their website says they aggregate data from police departments and verified news reports and map crime incidents on Google Maps. The service is free, but one is required to sign up for an account.

These two crime maps can be used for Scottsdale as well as any other Phoenix Metro City or neighborhood.

This post was written by : Melissa O'Connell

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Fall 2019 – No Sign of Real Estate Bubble in Phoenix Metro

A Quick Look at September Numbers

We love The Cromford Report because it is all about numbers. This chart takes all the numbers for the Metro Phoenix area and compares them to the last month, last quarter, last year and two years ago (all on the same day of the month). By comparing all these figures, it is easier to see the current trends, as well as the big picture.

Not much has really changed! Slow and steady wins the race. There is still no indication of a real estate bubble in our Phoenix Metro real estate market. 



Tips to Understand the Charts

  • Green arrow indicates strength in the market, relative to the numbers.
  • Red arrow indicates weakness in the market, relative to the numbers.
  • Yellow dash indicates no change.

Example 1: Active Listings are down from last month, last quarter, last year and two years ago. This is shown as a green arrow down.

Example 2: Pending Listings are down from last month and last quarter indicated by a red arrow down. However, the number is higher than last year and 2 years ago on same date, indicated by a green arrow up.

Example 3: Days Inventory is the same as last month but significantly lower than last quarter, last year and two years ago.

This post was written by : Melissa O'Connell

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Phoenix Metro Reaches Highest Sales Volume in ARMLS history

Something big happened in June!

ARMLS tracks sales volume of Phoenix Metro home sales on a monthly basis. While the total dollar sales volume in the earlier months of 2019 were not as strong as 2018, May and June were exceptionally strong.

The total dollar sales volume in June was $3,265,463,755, which is the highest total for any June in ARMLS history. In addition, the year to date total sales volume is the highest year on record with $16,753,752,060.


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This post was written by : Melissa O'Connell

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Phoenix & Scottsdale Metro Distribution of Home Prices

Where are the most affordable homes and the expensive homes in the Phoenix Scottsdale Metro area?

These 13 images show the distribution of home prices from $1 to $10,000,000+ throughout the Phoenix Scottsdale Metro area. The only criteria used in this search of single family homes in the ARMLS database is price range. While the screenshots were taken on July 11, 2019, the associated home searches are updated in real time by ARMLS (Arizona Regional Multiple Listing Service).

The ARMLS database, while focusing on the Phoenix Scottsdale Metro area, allows home listings from all Arizona cities, so homes within the searches are not exclusive to the metro area.


This post was written by : Melissa O'Connell

Keep in Mind While Viewing Searches

  • Listings are sorted by most recent listings first.
  • You can sort all columns by clicking on column header.
  • You can edit any search to view different price ranges and specific cities.
  • You can save the search if you log in to or create a portal account.
  • View Menu on top right of search to view photos and details.
Click on each map image to view associated real-time MLS home search matching the price criteria.

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Phoenix/Scottsdale Real Estate Market Update – January 2019

Is Phoenix/Scottsdale transitioning to a Buyer’s Market?

We have become accustomed to a hot, growing market that strongly favors sellers. Now that it is cooler, contracting in volume and moderately favoring buyers, there is some talk that we are entering a Buyer’s market. But this perspective is not agreed upon by all because a decline in demand does not necessarily constitute a Buyer’s market.

A Buyer’s market is indicated by supply that is higher than demand and decreasing closed sales prices. In Phoenix and Scottsdale, the supply is still very low, and there is little indication that the supply will increase.

Most indicators that impact the housing market are in normal to good ranges. Compared with California and other west coast metro areas, Phoenix/Scottsdale is still very affordable. There has been no decrease in loan approval rates and population growth is increasing faster than the number of homes. Owning a home still makes better financial sense than renting (unless you expect to own the home for less than 3 years). None of the conditions for closed prices to fall are currently in effect.

The numbers are more reliable than emotion, and the numbers indicate more of a cooling down rather than a downturn – perhaps a return to a balanced market.


*Every Tuesday, we participate in a conference call with our broker and fellow colleagues to discuss the local real estate market, the current real estate news and the latest statistics. Our market update is based on this group discussion and information provided by The Cromford Report, a company dedicated to local real estate market statistics.

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Phoenix Market Update – December 2018 – Week 2

Phoenix Real Estate Market Update

December 2018 – Week 2

Negative news about the real estate market is becoming a common occurrence. Continue reading for insight into the Phoenix Metro real estate market and why our local market is different.The real estate outlook for 2019 is not as grim as the national media might imply.

View Weekly Takeaway

New Listings – 3268

  • 6% lower than 2017 (3478)
  • Second lowest since 2014

Closed Listings – 2949

  • Slightly higher than 2017 (2937)

Accepted Offers – 3340

  • 7% lower than 2017 (3607)

At 6% the drop in new listings is not as severe as for the first week of December which was down 11%. However, it indicates we still see subdued flows of new supply in December, well below the average over the past 18 years.

Closings are running at a good pace, but new contracts are now down 7%, having been down 4% after the first week. Buyer enthusiasm is low partly because of higher cost of ownership, but also because there is a shortage of attractive inventory for them to choose from.

Weekly Takeaway:

  • In 2018, home loan delinquencies are at an extremely low level while home equity is at a high level.
  • Consequently, the fall in demand is merely causing sales rates to drop and allowing buyers a little more negotiation.
  • Keep in mind that Phoenix is the second fastest growing city in the nation. Buckeye comes in third.
  • Also, Phoenix Metro Area has not had astronomical home price increases like many coastal cities.

This post was written by : Melissa O'Connell

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