The Oldest House in Scottsdale

The oldest house in Scottsdale is affectionately called The Titus House and was built in 1892.

Oldest house in Scottsdale

The brick home, built by architect, James Miller Creighton is not only the oldest home in Scottsdale, but the only Victorian style home. Built in 1892 for Frank Titus, a Californian railroad investor, the home remains in use as a owner occupied residence.The last time it sold was in August 2005 sale for $397,000. It was listed as a 2 bedroom, 2.5 bath home of 2150 square feet on a 31,183 square foot lot with a pool.The home is located at 1310 N Hayden Road (just south of McDowell Rd). I was fortunate enough to visit the home during a home tour many years ago. To read more about the historic significance and integrity of the Titus House, view the listing on the Scottsdale Historic Register. Special Note: Scottsdale is a young city. Although homesteaded in 1888 by Chaplain Winfield Scott, Scottsdale’s population did not begin to grow significantly until World War II.

This post was written by : Melissa O'Connell


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