Answers to Cocktail Party Scottsdale Real Estate Trivia Quiz – July 2015

For the overall Scottsdale/Phoenix Metro Area – ARMLS

1. What was the volume of Single Family Homes Sold in June?

The volume of single family homes sold in June for the ARMLS area was $2,133,000,265.

2. What was the median sales price for Single Family Homes sold in June?

The median SOLD price for single family homes in June (ARMLS) was $230,000

3. Which financing type was the most popular?

The most popular financing vehicle in June was the Conventional Loan – 3227 Conventional loans out of 7271 sales

4. The greatest number of homes sold in how many days?

The greatest number of homes sold in less than 30 days – 3795 out of 7271 sales.

5. Which price range had the greatest number of sales? (Hint: I already gave you the answer.)

The price range with the greatest number of sales was between $200,000 – $250,000. It is apparent that Scottsdale doesn’t fit into this box.